The new buzz word is MakerSpace. You will see it many shapes and sizes … Westport Library has an AMAZING space (and their own robot!), Simsbury, and other libraries, are considering the development of their own creative spaces. Whether it is a digital or tech lab, a hackerspace, community out-reach program, or just an area to explore your creative side, libraries are embracing the Maker Movement. Conduct a Google search and you will find videos, websites, and articles supporting the idea of DIY and DIWO (do it with others). It’s amazing!

We are starting out small! Come in and check-out our little corner ….

Burnham Library MakerSpace

What is a MakerSpace? It is simply a place where people can come together to make something! It’s a space that values learning by doing!

Why bother? Well, why not?! …. Today, the concept of literacy encompasses much more than just reading and writing. And where else would you include this mash-up of ideas and hands-on learning … the library, of course!

What kind of stuff? We are starting small … but we will continue to add materials, new technology, classes and workshops. We would love your feedback and ideas.

Try out:

  • K’NEX
  • LEGO Bricks
  • LittleBits Electronics module set
  • Marble Mania – on-going building project
  • MakerArtCart – filled with crafting supplies
  • Rotating crafting, engineering and literacy project bins
  • Books to inspire you to

Code of Conduct

Be kind. Be helpful. Be thoughtful.

Keep the space clean.

Return supplies, games, and materials to their places.

Avoid wasting supplies.

Have fun and explore.

If we find the code of conduct has been broken, MakerSpace privileges will be revoked.

Links to Websites:

Maker Education Initiative

Time Magazine

MakerSpace online community

Makezine – Make magazine

MakerFaire : a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.


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