Genre Reading Badge Club

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We will restart the Challenge in September 2016! Congratulations to all that completed their goal!

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We would love the children to explore the shelves and discover books they never knew existed! There are so many choices. So many different places to visit, new characters to meet, new adventures, and new ideas.

What is the Genre Reading Badge Club? A new fun reading incentive program for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Children can earn their reading badge by reading a total of 9 books. Each book in a specific genre (with 1 free choice.)

What is a genre? A genre is a group of books with a particular them. In this case: Adventure, Biography, Fantasty, Mystery, Nonfiction, Science Fiction/Supernatural and Realistic Fiction.

Who can join the club? Any child in Grade 2-5 can join!

What’s the catch? There is no catch. Join the club. Read 9 books of 8 different genres and 1 free choice. Earn a Genre Club Badge and a special surprise treat at the end of the school year. That’s it!

Love the idea? What should we do? Each child who is interested will be given a Club Card. This card is filed at the Junior Room circulation desk. When your child completes a book, our staff will mark-off the genre, and list the title on the back of the card. Burnham School Parents: Most students registered during our first library class visit.

Oh, one more thing! Books read during class, at home, and library time count toward their goal. So, if their teacher is reading an adventure story to the class … well, your child just earned the Adventure Badge. It’s that easy!

Printable Earn Your Reading Badge letter

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