Burnham Bunch: The Mitten

Yesterday, I had a ‘sick’ day. So, when I arrived today, I was scrambling for an activity. What better story to read than The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth and One Mitten by Kristin O’Connell George. Years ago, I had found this idea via Pinterest on a Teach Preschool. The children and parent’s loved it …. a lot of fun! As a craft, each child was given a red mitten to glue on the animals and some stickers too.


Marble Maze Workshop with Mr. & Mrs. Immohr

We had an AMAZING program today hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Immohr. The kids had the opportunity to use some tools for the very first time. They glued, hammered, and sawed …. It was so great to be part of their enthusiasm. Thank you to the Immohrs who donated their time and their talent!

Burnham Bunch: The letter B

I was inspired by this weeks theme by Miss Susan. When she is cold, she walks around all day saying “brrrrrrrrr.” So, I thought why not talk about the letter B. So, we have a beard, birds, bear, and bananas, …

We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. I found this super-cute idea for the flannel board on Library Village: A Old Man with a Beard . We also used some story pieces to go along with Brown Bear. When you looking for b’s they are everywhere … and as we read Bear Snores On … there are blizzards, and badgers, and burps. I LOVE love love reading this book.

And for our craft we made a banana! I found some yellow stickers and had the kiddos stick them on a banana coloring page … for an extra effect the kiddos also colored them yellow. As I often say, “we went bananas!”


Burnham Bunch Storytime: Will you be my Valentine?

This winter weather is really wreaking havoc with our storytime. Today is the first day we have had more than one child! We read two books A Kiss Like This by Mary Murphy and Guess Who?  Our flannel board activity the day: Six Little Valentine’s. I found the idea on Busy Crafting Mommy.

It just so happens that I am super-popular. I received six valentine’s cards from my friends: Fox, Bear, Dove, Bee, Mouse, and (Blue) Jay. We counted our six cards and then proceeded to count-down as our cards and notes were opened and read. Because it was a small group, I handed out my Valentine’s for them to hold. Craft time! Valentine card collage.