Create. Play. Learn.

We have been busy working on transforming our ‘play area’ into an Imagination Station! We already had a good space … and with a little cardboard, duct tape, thread, paint, visits to Amazon and Pinterest, and imagination (and a bit of a child’s heart) here is our creation! We still have a few more things to complete and things to work-out. But, I am pretty proud of it so far. Next up: a MakerSpace/Tinkerlab for the older crew.



Burnham Bunch: Dull-Gray January = Color!

We are BACK! Great to see all the tykes again …. We spent most of January organizing and creating a new play area in our Children’s Room (which is a HUGE HIT — photos to come soon). I decided that January is just dull and gray and needed some COLOR! So, what better books to read than Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman and the amazing book Mix it up! by Herve Tullet. Seriously, this book is fantastic. You must check it out! I used this ‘interactive’ book in leiu of a flannel board activity today. I walked around and had each child participate. They ‘tap, tap, tapped’ and ‘smudged colors.’ I LOVED it and I think my tykes loved it as well. For a craft/art activity, we painted on aluminium foil with cotton swabs.