MakerLAB: Pulleys


MakerLAB: Structures and Chain Reactions

We are always looking for great, simple, kid-tested activities for our MakerLAB. We found this idea via Pinterest (of course!) from Frugal Fun 4 Boys. Miss Susan set up a few building challenges for the kids to complete. Then we used cups and popsicle sticks for a chain reaction. I have a video, but can’t figure out how to post it! But, in the end, it was tons of fun.

P.S. Best question of the day, “Miss Jean, did you eat all these popsicles?”

Science ‘n Stuff: Exploding Fruit!

Inspired by the YouTube video Extreme Exploding Watermelon, we decided to try our hand at exploding some other fruits. We used mango, an orange, a cantaloupe, a honey dew, and apples. Set with a time restraint of 30 minutes, we placed elastics on the honey and cantaloupe prior to our program. In the end, it took about 300 to make the honey dew ‘explode.’

As for the other fruit … not so lucky. the orange and mango were split in half and the apple didn’t budge. We probably needed another 100+ rubber bands for the cantaloupe. But we ran out of time. So we did the next best thing … smashed the fruit!

We had a GREAT school year with the kidlets … Can’t wait for next year!

Techsplorers: Squishy Circuits

So excited to have Chris Fisher back for the school year. This year he will be doing a series of programs called Techsplorers. He and the kiddos will be exploring all that is STEM. First up … Squishy Circuits.

What is STEM? It is a push toward education and integrated curriculum policies in order to improve our children’s competitiveness in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (an alternate version is STEAM which adds Art to the mix). Want to learn more? STEM Education Coalition ; Why Science ; Girl Starts.

We also own a fantastic series of books in the 21st Century Skills Innovation Library: Makers As Innovators which discuss Squishy Circuits, 3D Labs, MakerSpaces and more ….