Take Your Child to the Library Day 2015

Just a few families took took advantage of our Open House this past Saturday. But those that attended, came early and stayed late! Lots of use in our revamped Play Area and the donuts were a big hit (of course!)



Take Your Child to the Library Day 2015



What is Take Your Child to the Library Day? Well in 2012, Nadine Lipman, a children’s librarian in Waterford, Connecticut, came up with the idea for Take Your Child to the Library Day and selected the first Saturday in February as the annual day of celebration. The idea gained popularity immediately, and librarians started planning special events, programs, and displays. Now it has gone International! There is currently 506 libraries in 44 states,  Canadian province as well as Senegal, St. Croix and St. Thomas … and the list keeps growing. The Burnham Library will be celebrating by hosting a day for families to join together and enjoy all that our library has to offer.

  • Every child will receive a stick and bookmark
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut
  • See what’s NEW: mini-MakerSpace and revamped Play Area
  • Play on the Wii
  • Read a book (or two) together.
  • Or just hang out!

For more information and a complete lists of participating libraries visit:

Take Your Child to the Library Day Blog

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Create. Play. Learn.

We have been busy working on transforming our ‘play area’ into an Imagination Station! We already had a good space … and with a little cardboard, duct tape, thread, paint, visits to Amazon and Pinterest, and imagination (and a bit of a child’s heart) here is our creation! We still have a few more things to complete and things to work-out. But, I am pretty proud of it so far. Next up: a MakerSpace/Tinkerlab for the older crew.