CT Science Center: Bubbleology

Thanks to The Connecticut Community Foundation’s generous grant, we were able to have the CT Science Center at the library. Bubbleology was FABULOUS! Lots of fun for the kids (and I think the parents, too!)


Is There Water on Zork?

The CT Department of Energy and Enviromental Protection and the Kellogg Nature Center offer Connecticut libraries summer outreach programs for a very minimal fee. The library has hosted three programs in the last three years. I am NEVER disappointed. Today was Is There Water on Zork? After listening to the story June, 29, 1999 by David Weisner, the kiddos conducted simple experiments to test characteristics of  mystery liquids to test if there is water on Zork.

Summer Bunch: Fireworks and The Fourth of July

Skipping ahead a week and celebrating The Fourth of July! Why? Well, next Thursday is MY birthday … and I celebrate by taking a vacation day! So, we are celebrating our Dear America’s birthday a bit early. We began by reading two books: Hats Off for the Fourth of July and Red, White and BoomThen a little flannel board fun with Five Little Firecrackers … found on Storytime With Miss Tara. I also found this great firework painting craft on Pinterest from Sassy Deals. Really simple, but lots of fun.

Burnham Library’s Potions Lab

Wow! We had a great time today in Potions 101. Thanks to our two volunteers for their help with the program and clean-up! All of the kiddos earned their O.W.L.S in Potions … Professor Snape would be quite please. I found tons of ideas on Pinterest. But, most all of the magic came via Mrs. Nepsy’s World. Thanks for doing all the leg-work Mrs. Nepsy!

Art Bots

I found an amazing idea on Pinterest …. make a robot that draws! I thought, why not!? The first tutorial, from Science Buddy, was perfect, but as I began to calculate the cost of buying all the parts (multiplied by 10 kiddos): motor, battery adapter, switch, styrofoam balls, and etc. I realized that it would end up being a bit more costly than I anticipated. So, back to Pinterest I went to search for an alternative idea .. . I had to do the project! I already had kiddos registered …

Well, I found an amazing and inexpensive idea via the blog Digital Harbor. All you need is a pool noodle (we had an extra from a Star Wars light saber craft), a Dollar Store battery operated toothbrush, elastic bands, tape, and your imagination! LOVE it! Let me tell you, this was a fantastic activity. Our kiddos ranged from Grade 3-5. Because we anticpated 10 kiddos, we did some prep-work. We removed the motor and battery pack, then taped the plastic battery holder and plastic on/off switch together.

We had the kiddos design a robot face, and then they taped the motors to our prepped battery/switch. Add some rubberbands, and markers … and there you go! We all had a blast!

It is so great when everything just comes together. Hope you enjoy our photos …

Oh, wait .. and how about a bit of video?

(Ugh, I can’t figure out how to embed the video! You can check it out on our Facebook page!)