Burnham Bunch: Music, Music, Music!

I found a great set of inexpensive musical instruments at Ikea. I couldn’t wait to try these babies out! So, today was ‘music class!’ The set came with rhythm sticks, a drum box, a sound tube, an ‘egg’ shaker, and two tambourines. I needed a few more pieces for our group, so I made some jingle bell bracelets and a few egg shakers using plastic Easter eggs, popcorn kernels and some duct tape. Due to the extremely windy weather we had last night, school was delayed or cancelled for some kiddos — which meant we had our usual crew plus siblings!

I started off sharing Music Class Today! by David Weinstone. It is a great little book and if you visit the link provided on the inside flap, you can download a free musical version of the text! I love the illustrations in the book. So much is going on!

Next I introduced our instruments and our next book: Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig. I found an idea to incorporate our instruments and the book at ABC’s of Reading. I used our flannel board to display pictures of our instruments along with each animal. At the end, I just let them jam! So, fun!!!

For our craft today we made our own instruments. We used water bottles, popcorn kernels, dry beans, and some pom-poms for color. I couldn’t find the tops for the bottles, so I duct taped them closed and added their names. I find it amazing how patient preschoolers can be. If I asked our grade schoolers to wait their turn, it would turn into anarchy! But, our kiddos just watched and waited.

All in all, it was a GREAT day!


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