Burnham Bunch: The Mitten

I love sharing The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth!  Prior to reading, I handed-out laminated animals to each child. As I read, I ask the children to ‘climb’ into our mitten when it is their animal’s turn. We were a small group, so I ‘climbed’ in as well. So many giggles! The second book shared today, was I’m Cool by Kate and Jim McMullan. I have always had a fascination with Zambonis. I love the way the ice is wiped clean and fresh! Well, this book explains all the ‘ins and outs’ (in a super-simple, fun way) of the mysterious Zamboni.

Our craft for the day: mittens (of course!) I enjoy incorporating many different painting techniques. Especially techniques that are completely mess-free! If you search Pinterest for “Ziplock bag painting,” you will sees tons of ideas for this mess-free technique. We began with the kiddos selecting two colors of paint and then placing their oak-tag mitten inside a Ziplock bag. I squeezed a bit of paint onto the top of mitten and zipped-up the bag. After a bit of smooshy painting: Voila! A masterpiece. This is a definite ‘try this at home’ craft!



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