Burnham Bunch: Valentine’s Day

We shared two great books today: Love Monster and the Last Chocolate by Rachel Bright and Never Too Little to Love by Jeanne Willis. Two perfect read-alouds. I purchased some finger puppets from Amazon and wanted to put them to use … and of course, I found it from Jbrary. Seriously they are an invaluable Storytime resource. I passed out finger puppets to each child and we sang Put Your Puppet on Your Heart. Super fun!

Now, let’s talk about our craft. I have been dying to try out this salad spinner art that I see all over Pinterest. I purchased one at the Dollar Store — for yes, $1.00!! But, I was hestitant. Would it really work? With only one spinner, would the children be patient and wait their turn? The verdict: AMAZING! The kiddos were in awe. All their heads were lowered to table height, as they watched the paint swirl around the spinner. Such a super easy craft. But, perfect! It is a MUST try!


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