Art Bots

I found an amazing idea on Pinterest …. make a robot that draws! I thought, why not!? The first tutorial, from Science Buddy, was perfect, but as I began to calculate the cost of buying all the parts (multiplied by 10 kiddos): motor, battery adapter, switch, styrofoam balls, and etc. I realized that it would end up being a bit more costly than I anticipated. So, back to Pinterest I went to search for an alternative idea .. . I had to do the project! I already had kiddos registered …

Well, I found an amazing and inexpensive idea via the blog Digital Harbor. All you need is a pool noodle (we had an extra from a Star Wars light saber craft), a Dollar Store battery operated toothbrush, elastic bands, tape, and your imagination! LOVE it! Let me tell you, this was a fantastic activity. Our kiddos ranged from Grade 3-5. Because we anticpated 10 kiddos, we did some prep-work. We removed the motor and battery pack, then taped the plastic battery holder and plastic on/off switch together.

We had the kiddos design a robot face, and then they taped the motors to our prepped battery/switch. Add some rubberbands, and markers … and there you go! We all had a blast!

It is so great when everything just comes together. Hope you enjoy our photos …

Oh, wait .. and how about a bit of video?

(Ugh, I can’t figure out how to embed the video! You can check it out on our Facebook page!)






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